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Parents’ Choice This Week: The Power of Weather

Parents' Choice This Week

Weather or not…

Harvey and Irma were quite the couple. These back-to-back historic hurricanes caused unprecedented damage and forever changed the lives of many.

What can we learn about – and from these hurricanes? How can we help the children of the storm? How can we help our children help others?

Scroll down for:

A number of ways to help children cope with and understand a natural disaster and its aftermath.

Suggestions for how to help the victims of the disasters and a round-up of organizations that are aiding in the recovery effort.

Four Parents’ Choice Award winning books that center around the aftermath of a natural disaster through the eyes of a child, and two Parents’ Choice Award winning products that teach kids the “why’s?” and “how’s?” of weather and its effects.

And last but not least, a video from Crash Course Kids that defines the differences between weather and severe weather.

How to Help Kids Cope

Click here for FEMA‘s guidance on dealing with disaster and for info and tips on how to help kids understand and cope.

Click here for a special episode from Sesame Street that focuses on coping and helping kids deal with their emotions in the aftermath of natural disaster.

Click here for a list of resources from naeyc on Coping with Disaster.

Click here for a round-up of hurricane related not-so-fun facts and information from our friends at the Children’s Technology Review.

How to Help

The One America Appeal was launched by all five living former American Presidents in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Every cent donated goes towards helping the victims of these disasters recover. Click here for more information.

Click here for a list 100 ways (many of them kid-friendly) to help raise funds for disaster relief.

Click here for a link to a list of vetted organizations aiding in the recovery effort.

Click here and here for articles detailing how to give and how to avoid charitable scams.

Parents’ Choice Book Picks

These Parents’ Choice Award winning books tell the stories of kids dealing with and finding their way in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

 I Survived #8: The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 and Tsunami! are stories of surviving a tsunami.

Zane and the Hurricane and Ninth Ward both deal with life during and after Hurricane Katrina.

Parents’ Choice Picks

These Parents’ Choice Award winning products will inspire budding meteorologists to learn more about weather and its sometimes devastating effects.

The MarcoPolo Weather app teaches kids about different weather conditions and how changing weather variables affect humans and the environment.

The Wind Power 3.0 kit is filled with builds and experiments to teach kids the effects of wind and how to use electricity harnessed from its power.


What’s the difference between “weather” and “severe weather”? This short video about severe weather from Crash Course Kids explains.

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