Parents’ Choice This Week: Holy Corona!



Holy Corona! It’s the Best Science Lesson in 40 Years!

Next Monday, August 21st, for the first time in 40 years, the United States, from Madras, Oregon to Columbia, South Carolina, is in the path of totality for a solar eclipse. Although only a small swath (70 miles wide) will experience totality, the entire U.S., even Alaska and Hawaii will undergo a partial solar eclipse.
Read below for:
 – News and safety information from NASA

– Check an eclipse tracker to see where you lie in the eclipses path
– Access educational eclipse content from our friends at BrainPop
– Search for a children’s museum near you for eclipse events and activities
– Watch an eclipse Astronomy lesson from Crash Course


Click here for an overview of the 2017 solar eclipse, click here for activities to do to mark the occasion, click here for tips on how to view the eclipse safely (including a link to reputable eclipse glasses manufacturers), and click here instructions to make your own NASA approved solar eclipse viewer.
Image courtesy of: NASA

Eclipse Tracker

Click here and type your zip code in the box to see how much of the eclipse you’ll see, when it will start, when it will peak, and how long it will last!
Image courtesy of: VOX


Our friends at BrainPop have updated their eclipse topic just in time for the upcoming event. Go here to access the animated movie, quiz, and related activities for free!
Image courtesy of: BrainPop

Children’s Museums

Museums across the country are hosting events and activities for kids to observe and celebrate the eclipse. Search here for one near you. Also, be sure to check with your local library and observatory!

Image courtesy of: Daniel MacDonald / Images


Watch this Crash Course Astronomy lesson on eclipses!

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