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Family Adventures – in Learning and Fun

Submarine watercolor illustration

What kind of family trips are you planning? A day trip to a children’s museum? A factory tour? A summer vacation that challenges mind and body? Or helps those in need? There’s even a lot to learn at the beach, beyond the importance of sunscreen. Staycations have plenty of backyard and neighborhood learning, too.

The folks at Cricket Media have asked Parents’ Choice Foundation to partner in their new initiative called Keeping Tech in Check and create, among other things, a library of ways to transform a family trip into a family adventure.

Beginning in April 2017, we’ll be presenting ideas and activities that enlist Parents’ Choice Award winning products to  jumpstart playful learning. Whether a visiting a Butterfly Garden, a Planetarium, or to one of the 400 places in the National Parks System, we’ll have ways to prepare for, and follow up on, the family trip with lists upon lists of playful learning ideas.

Learning is fun, and we want kids to know that. It’s what we believe and it’s what we do.

Stay tuned, sign up and check back. There’s a lot of fun on the road ahead.