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Announcing: Parents’ Choice Small Screen Awards!

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Parents’ Choice Small Screen Awards

Today we are pleased to announce the Parents’ Choice Small Screen Awards.

Preschoolers will circle around the Parents’ Choice Award winning apps; they’ll learn how the world is shaping up, and how music helps tell a story. And for learners ages six and up, there are big numbers at play.

Two must see DVDs are Dancing in the Light: The Janet Collins Story the story of the first African-American ballerina in the country to perform a solo with the Metropolitan Opera and Snowtime!, a CGI-animated remake of the 1984 French Canadian film The Dog Who Stopped the War (La guerre des tuques).

Coding cadets who can’t get enough Minecraft, will play and learn for an entire year with Mod Creation: The Adventure Begins and those chomping at the bit to design their own game can put their keystrokes to work in AnchorApp Development with JavaScript: Infinite Runner.

And in a world where developers and educators are exploring how to help children learn in new ways, Osmo Monster and Osmo Pizza Company, are among the most interesting products we’ve seen this year. We think you’ll agree.

Are you ready to push play? For the Spring 2017 Parents’ Choice Awards in websites click here, mobile apps and software are here, and the videogames are here.