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17 Ways to Bring Language to Life

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016


creative colorful speech bubbles


For a lovely picture book inspired by the beloved sign-language gifted gorilla Coco, try: Little Beauty (Ages: 4-8),

For fun games that build word skills for little ones, try: the Loco Lingo Games (Ages: 3 & up) and Tall Tales: The Game of Infinite Storytelling (Ages: 4 & up),.

For games for more skilled wordsmiths try: Crazy Letters (Ages: 10 & up), Double Play: Word Games with a Wacky Twist (Ages: 10 & up), Mad Libs: The Game (Ages: 10 & up), and Bring Your Own Book (Ages: 12 & up).

Cricket Media publishes a suite of literary magazines for readers of all ages and we love them all.  Start with Babybug (Ages: Infant-3), go on to Ladybug (Ages: 3-6), then Spider (Ages: 6-9), Cricket (Ages: 9-14), and Cicada (Ages: 14 & up).

Try these apps that help build phonics skills: Wonster Words: Phonics Spelling for Kids (Ages: 3-6) and PocketPhonics Stories (Ages: 4-7).

For the budding bilingualist in your life try these two apps and DVD: Juana y los Amigos de la Granja (Ages: 1-5), Little Monster At School (Ages: 3-7), and Spanish for Kids: Ultimate Collection (Ages: 2-7).


17 Ways Math is Fun!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016


Monster funny numbers

8 Toys

  1. ABC & 123 Picnic Activity Set (Ages: 3 & up)
  2. ThinkingKit/Math Monkey  (Ages: 4 & up)
  3. Math Room (Ages: 5 & up)
  4. Laser Maze™ Jr. (Ages: 6 & up)
  5. Logic Dots (Ages: 7 & up)
  6. Quadrillion (Ages: 8 & up)
  7. Math Dice® Chase (Ages: 8 & up)
  8. Geometry Strategy® (Ages: 12 & up)

 + 6 Apps

  1. Tiggly Math (Ages: 3 & up)
  2. Todo Math (Ages: 4 to 7)
  3. Montessori Math City (Ages: 5 to 7)
  4. Curriculum Associates’ Door 24 Plus App (Ages: 5 to 13)
  5. Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge (Ages: 6 to 8)
  6. Attributes by Math Doodles  (Ages: 7 & up)

+ 1 Website

  1. Go Math! Academy (Ages: 5 to 14)

+ 2 Television Shows

  1. Peg + Cat (Ages: 3 to 5)
  2. Cyberchase  (Ages:6 to 11)


= 17 Ways Math is Fun!




Ways to Celebrate Music & Art

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016


From sidewalk art to conducting a toy symphony, creativity comes through play.

With a swipe of the finger, these Mobile Apps will lead to hands on play — and learning. Give NGAkids Art Zone, MoMA Art Lab and Toca Band a whirl.

Can you name that tune? Our Audio Award Winners will start and keep toes tapping. And page turners of all ages have lots to enjoy: read how Beatrix Potter learned to paint her renowned rabbit friend, explore the life and works of Diego Rivera, and introduce your child to some of the world’s greatest painting and sculptures.

Tour the history of musical instruments, read how a pawnshop instrument inspired one boy to become one of the most famous trumpeters of all time, or explore the story of a boy and a trombone twice his size, discover that a man from Saturn believes the power of music is what holds us all together, and know the story behind a famous photo of musicians.