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Parents’ Choice TV Awards

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

tv with sneakers

We’re pleased to announce the Parents’ Choice Television Awards.

TV isn’t what it used to be. No longer tethered by cord or cable, original programming is taking off faster than a SpaceX rocket. And we, the viewers, have plenty to applaud.

Preschoolers get a lot of love as they explore a certain tiger’s neighborhood, observe the habits of a beloved rabbit, or discover what a fox keeps in his finding place. For those pondering a career move, there’s plenty to imagine about the jobs in their future. There are problems to solve and words to be read, and all that can happen right out of bed.

Slightly older viewers learn which behaviors will fly, that superheroes like STEM and girls just love science. Some kids are just born to explore, helping wildlife on land and under the sea, while others are determined to visit every U.S. National Park. Some like their dinosaurs reimagined as trucks, others prefer dragons that race to the edge of the tale.

There’s a documentary with a strong academic promise, and another that follows the New Heights AAU basketball team from Brooklyn.

These shows are inventive and charming, and historically reenacted. And although life may not be exactly normal on Gortimer’s street, in some places, everything still adds up.

So mark your calendars, set your DVRs, or click for the download. There’s a lot worth watching.


Announcing: Parents’ Choice Magazine Awards

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

toy mail truck  The Spring 2016 Parents’ Choice Magazine Awards are here!

From Baby Bugs to giant ones, computer coding to cooking, our 2016 list of winners gives us a lot to Chirp about.

Imagine a magazine for bright young adults on the college track, what it’s like in a Military Kids’ Life, or live on the Eco Kids Planet.

Muse about “100 Years of General Relativity,” nanotechnology, a teenage cancer researcher, the future of biofuels, and developments in clean water technology. Dig Into History and balance your Brainspace with AR and print, and see what happens when Creative Kids serve on an advisory board.

Emerging scientists ages 3-6 can Click to learn and 7-10 year old readers will enjoy Ask –ing about a variety of topics from shipwrecks to historical accounts of jokes and clowns in the ancient world, and explanations of bizarre animal food preferences. And trust us; this Spider is anything but scary.

From the wilds of Ranger Rick to the craft rooms of American Girl, the 2016 Parents’ Choice Magazine Awards present readers—both lap and skilled— many ways to subscribe to learning.

Happy reading!