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Announcing the Fall 2015 Parents’ Choice Book Awards

Page turners, unite!  Love-books-image

From engineers to wordsmiths and dinosaurs to astronauts, the Fall 2015 Parents’ Choice Book Awards list offers stellar suggestions for readers from preschool to high school.

Parents’ Choice Book Award winners include a debut novelist, a legendary author/illustrator, and a big bear in a little chair. The game of baseball, a cherished bicycle, and poems at sea keep those of varied interests asking for more. There’s pointing and counting and taking a bath, voices of freedom and big storm aftermath.

Tougher topics like depression – both economic and emotional – are treated with perspective, warmth and even some humor. Bullying is addressed with unlikely friends, a nature-loving new girl and a young champion of education who made history as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Acceptance and friendship take shape as a ghost story.

Readers can solve brain puzzles and practice yoga, follow a magical harmonica through history or help a young apprentice of a master apothecary in 17th-century London solve a mystery.

In making our selections, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and scratched our heads. We’ve travelled through time both historical and fictitious, bookmarking pages a plenty along the way. We hope our list serves as an open invitation to curl up – with a good book.

Congratulations to all the winners, and happy reading to you.