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The 2015 Fall Parents’ Choice Toy Awards!


homeimage_toyawards_f13What a day!

The sun is out, the weather is cool and crisp, and the Fall 2015 Parents’ Choice Toy Awards have just been announced.

There are space movies to be made, bears on a mission, and mysteries to be solved. Check out the remote control machine-building sets and kits for engineers as young as three. A videogame spawned a playset, walls have stories to tell, and a pogo stick bounces on air.

There are games for all ages and puppets and experiments for young scientists to conduct on a kitchen counter lab. Uh oh. Bugs in the Kitchen? No worries here. Take this scooter for a ride and get a bite to eat in a diner.

There are building sets for architects and those who gravitate to more organic structures. A kit of LED light stickers makes working circuits. You’ll see why the Android-based EPIC is true to its name, and how GenDX-ers are learning to tell time.

The extra-long Fun Stuff winners list includes plenty of craft kits for making snow globes or bracelets or puzzles or customizing crayons.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing this list even half as much as we did creating it.