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Is there a Picasso in your house?

paint_splash_png_by_absurdwordpreferredAlthough most of us think of Picasso primarily as a painter, he was also a sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright. In celebration of his varied interests and artistic media, we offer the following to encourage creativity across disciplines.

Wee Society – Wee You-Things Blocks (Ages 3+) are whimsical, instructive and made in the USA. From across the pond comes PlayShapes (Ages 4+) by designers Zoe Miller and David Goodman. But act fast; looks like inventory is low, but shipping is free on Amazon.

For those who haven’t yet mastered the tripod grip, try Crayon Rocks (Ages 3+). For those who have, the

Colossal Art Set (Ages 3+) and 50ct Connector Pen Bucket (Ages 6+) are terrific choices. Author/artist Monica Dengo treats handwriting as an art form in her book titled Pick Up Your Pen.  As Art and Max illustrate, art is all about new perspectives. And Chuck Close Face Book , an autobiography in which answers questions from curious 5th graders, is all about perspective. (Ages: 8+)

MoMA Art Lab App lets players create artworks in the styles of the greats and offers inventive tools to create a sound composition, a collage, and more. (Ages 7+) Family museum memberships are one of the most overlooked and undervalued gifts. Use the Children’s Museum Association comprehensive search tool to find children’s museums around the world.

And with our own nod to the “unboxing” phenomenon, the cardboard box, some crayons, and scissors will fuel imaginations, and power creativity long after the holiday hubbub subsides.

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