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Gift Ideas for Future Scientists

microscope_02Science is everywhere. From the backyard to the kitchen table, earth’s core to outer space, and everywhere in between. It’s great fun to discover something new. Here are a few gift ideas to spark discovery.

Keen observers ages 3+ will enjoy Educational Insights’ My First Microscope; their older siblings (8+) Nancy B’s Science Club AquaScope and Underwater Wonders Activity.  

Good scientists need to know how to add and divide; Math Doodles and Slice Fractions are two wonderfully creative apps for those who love numbers, and those who should. Great fun and great learning at $2.99 each.

Thames and Kosmos sets a high bar for serious science kits, especially for those ages 8+. From glowing chemistry to solar mechanics, electronic circuits and the science of gyroscopes, the kits deliver experiments and activities for hands on learning. The comprehensive instruction manuals are a treat to read.

And speaking of reading, those not yet old enough for the PG 13 movie The Theory of Everything will delight in George’s Secret Key to the Universe written by Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy. Readers ages 6-9 will enjoy a subscription to the magazine, Ask that takes scientific ideas and concepts, and makes them relevant through stories.

The Magic School Bus kit The Secrets of Space (ages 5+) is a fun and inexpensive way to test the interests of future space scientists; Vito Technology offers a universe of apps in the original Star Walk line.

At risk of being labeled the Oracle of the Obvious, museum visits and memberships are a must do and must have for future scientists and the people who love them. The bonus will be learning something new – together.

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