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Mother’s Day

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Lots of folks will be celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, or as we call it in our house, Sunday. I am not being pessimistic here, but having the family “cook” a special dinner just means days of extra cleaning after. Restaurants will be an exercise in futility, so to just keep things simple, I will probably cook Sunday dinner.

But that’s okay. Truth be told, every day is mother’s day. Each day of the calendar year, your name is sung throughout the house! (Usually something along the lines of   “Mommmm! I dropped the cat in the tub” or “Mom, I can’t find my…wait, never mind.”

We moms are recipients of flowers fairly regularly (maybe some smushed dandelions, bug-infested Queen Anne’s lace, or sometimes your neighbors prized peonies).We often get lots of cards and priceless works of art (which can easily be turned into notes of apologies to flowerless neighbors) and special treats baked especially for the ants on the kitchen floor you.

As we’ve heard many say, these holidays were created by the people who will benefit most—retailers. It’s never that picture perfect day. It never adequately conveys what being a parent means. How could it? The job is the reward and, while the flowers and cards are great, we would do it even if there wasn’t an official holiday. (At this point, we don’t have a choice). And if we don’t have to clean up after a day devoted to us, well then, that is just the icing on the floor!