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Time Shift Your TV  – Doozers


We’ve got a doozy of a recommendation this week.

It’s Doozers, Hulu’s first original series for kids.

Remember Fraggle Rock, the popular 1980s Jim Henson series? In Fraggle Rock, little hardworking green creatures called Doozers made buildings the Fraggles would eat.

Now, more than 30 years later comes this spinoff, focusing on the ‘Pod Squad’ – four Doozers: Spike, Flex, Daisy Wheel and Molly Bolt. These Doozers are problem-solving, creative inventors. They sing, dance, and they “do” a lot.

In Episode One, the Doozer gang must come up with a way to make bigger puppets for their puppet show so that the audience can see it all better. The concepts include inventive thinking, team work, building and more. One fun detail: In the puppet show, the main character’s name is “Princess Sparkle Engineer.”  Yes, she’s a princess AND an engineer. You can be both.

In Episode Two, the Doozers are tasked with building a dock, but first they have to figure out how to get supplies to the site through roadblocks in the form of reeds. Luckily, they’ve got several handy, cool tools to help them solve the problem. And when they aren’t able to make it work at first, they’ve got to try, try again. Doozers never give up.

The series is big on problem-solving, coming up with plans and executing them with help from your friends. “Good thinking!” one Doozer will say to the other. “Great idea!” is heard more than once. Their CGI world is colorful, warm and inspiring. The Doozers are polite, positive and can-do.

Doozers debuted last week on Hulu with seven new 12-minute episodes, the first of 52 ordered. You’ll enjoy watching it with your kids or you can feel good about putting it on for your preschoolers to watch alone.