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SMS: A Primer for Parents in Social Media Speak

Your intrepid author on the left for Throwback Thursday.

For those of us who can remember a time when there was (gasp) no Internet, it’s hard enough to navigate the technical issues of social media, let alone the lingo and trends. Do you know your Social Media Speak? By now, even novices know that LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud. How about TBT? What about MCM? Turns out, in the world of social media, there are themes for what to post on the days of the week.

Ever wonder why your social media week begins with an inordinate amount of Channing Tatum or Ian Somerhalder photos? MCM stands for Man Crush Monday. (Personally, if I were to participate, I would post a classic photo of a young Paul Newman.)

Transformation Tuesday is for any kind of before or after display, be it a great home project or a successful stint at the gym. Hump day is also known as Woman Crush Wednesday. Often times you’ll find more posts about admired women then simply those found attractive. That brings us to TBT, or Throwback Thursday. That’s the day you’ll see lots of big 80s hair, mullets and acid washed jeans—that is, if you are brave enough to share pictures from your past. Friday is a free form day while Saturday has been transformed to Caturday. Granted, it seems like every day is devoted to cat videos and pictures on social media, but if you want to be in the grove, post pictures of your furry tabby on Caturday. Sunday is for selfies—those candid one-armed quick pic snaps made famous recently by Ellen at the Oscars and President Obama at the White House. Keep in mind, these trends are more like guidelines than any sort of rule. No one is policing the posts and no one is keeping score. If this all seems absurd, it’s because it is.


And certainly feel free to crown Sunday as SDSM or Shut Down Social Media day.