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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Spring 2014 Parents’ Choice Audio Awards










Just in time to (finally) usher in spring, Parents’ Choice announces the Spring 2014 Audio Award Winners. These selections of storytellers and songbirds will delight, surprise and inform ears of all ages.  Appalachian storyteller Adam Booth’s  The Mountain Came Alive tells tales of nature that explain the environmental issues around mountain top removal, Charlie Hope’s Sing As We Go sparkles with fresh takes on old favorites.

Got A Minute? The dynamic Baltimore-based band, Milkshake, shakes things up with fun, dance-able tunes that are, as the title suggests, about a minute each.


Leslie Kernochan’s winning collection mixes the silly with the sensitive in A Day in the Life of a Bugaleeboo where her imaginative songs capture the deep, life questions kids ask themselves such as “What is the Purpose of my Eyebrows?” and explore daily rituals like “Good Morning Everything” and “The Cycle of Poo.”




American Heroes #4 serves up history in a tuneful way, with artist Jonathan Sprout telling of notables such as Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss alongside individuals like Samantha Smith who as a 10-year-old wrote an inspiring  letter about peace to then-Soviet leader Yuri Andropov during the Cold War.



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