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Touchscreen Time

Tablets, smartphones,  e-readers. Ever wonder how easily a child has access to these ubiquitous touchscreens and all the applications made for them? As in, how often are kids really getting their hot little hands on handhelds, and what are they doing once they do?

The recent study, Toys, Learning, & Play Summit: Touch Screens by the Michael Cohen Group, LLC, 2014, sheds some light on these questions and more.

The Michael Cohen Group study found that over 70% of children aged 2-10 years live in a home with a smartphone, and over 50% live in a home that has a tablet device. In fact, the study found that 36.4% of children aged 2-8 years have their own touchscreen device when there’s at least one in the home. The study reports that children are predominantly engaging with the touchscreen as a plaything. The study also finds that children are playing with touchscreens more than with any other form of toy, including dolls, action-figures and dedicated game consoles.

However, the parents who were studied differ in how they perceive touchscreens:

32% say Touchscreens are Never a Toy,

10% say Touchscreens are Always a toy

58%  say Touchscreens are Sometimes a toy.

What do you think about tablets and touchscreens? How do your children use them, or not, in your home?