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Time Shift Your TV – ‘None of the Above’

For this show, the phrase “Kids, don’t try this at home” really applies.

National Geographic Channel kicks off a new series, None of the Above, on Monday, March 24, with a Mythbusters-type show that pushes science to the limit.

Host Tim Shaw, a British broadcaster and self-described teen inventor, likes to try crazy stunts using physics, chemistry and engineering to see what results he can generate. In England, he is known for an experiment he conducted in 2010 called Man in a Box. He locked himself in a wardrobe-sized metal box and challenged viewers to find him while live-streaming it all 24/7. No one ever did.

In the series premiere of None of the Above, the challenges are a little more do-able. In one, Shaw wants to see if he can cook a frozen turkey in a vat of boiling peanut oil. (Stand back!)

Then he travels to a bar and challenges customers to get an olive into a wine glass without touching the olive. (Are toothpicks allowed?)

And next he creates the “Frankenstein pickle” by passing a live electric current through a pickle. (A green light?)

For each experiment, Shaw asks viewers to guess what the outcome will be with a multiple choice question. For example, Will it blow up? Will it be fried crispy? Will it burned on the outside but raw inside? And the last option is always: None of the Above.

“I love science,” says Shaw in a press release about the show. “What do I love more than science? I’m passionate about taking what I know and breaking down the facts and theories, making them digestible and entertaining. Ultimately, I want to show how impressive this world can be, while having a ton of fun doing so … and maybe blow some stuff up along the way.”

Kudos to Shaw for being inventive and trying to stir up excitement about science. It’s always good to be reminded to think outside the (metal) box.  Just make sure you’ve got your safety goggles on if you’re doing it Shaw-style.