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Time Out

Time Out!

For many parents, “Time Out” is a negative consequence for unwanted behavior. You’ve probably heard yourself or another parent use the threat of the dreaded “time out” as a punishment or deterrent. New research may show that we’ve had it backwards all along.

Professional organizers, efficiency experts and stress therapists all tout the benefits of taking a moment to relax, recharge and face the rest of the day. We’re not talking a Google headquarters-like sleeping pod, but rather taking a full minute to sit still, close our eyes and breathe in and out slowly. It can calm anxiety, refocus your energy and make your day just a little better. So why wouldn’t we advocate this as a positive coping tool for kids?

Middle school students in San Francisco have made a very compelling case for it. According to statistics, ever since Visitacion Valley Middle School adopted the twice a day “Time Out” stress reduction strategy, where everyone in the school sits quietly in a minute of meditation, suspension rate went down while attendance and grades went up. Taking a moment to clear your head and calm your mind and body is a great tool for anyone.

Why not employ it in schools?

Do you practice mediation or quiet time? Is it something you would support in your school?