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Dr. Arthur On Call

It’s hard to believe, but Arthur, the lovable Aardvark of Elwood city is really 18 years old. As part of one of the longest running shows on PBS, Arthur and friends have remained perennial 8 year olds, tackling real-life issues in a fun and positive way.

This week, PBS launches Arthur Family Health, a new website featuring all of your favorite Arthur characters, that helps make common medical issues a little less scary.

With input from experts at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital, the site covers topics such as physical fitness and nutrition as well as asthma, allergies and bullying through familiar characters and situations.  “Draw Your Feelings” is one option when feeling down. Want to bust a move? Take part of the “Groove It” game to get off of the couch and get moving. There is even a special translator so that kids can alert folks of serious allergies in 15 different languages (with phonetic pronunciations). Adults and educators can also find links to more information and age-appropriate ideas.

Good health shouldn’t be taken for granted and common health issues don’t need to be taboo for kids.  Through games and links to professional information, kids and parents can feel more empowered about their health—and have a little fun, too!