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Extra! Extra! Parents’ Choice Spring 2014 Magazine Awards!

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Image via Click Magazine for Kids

Parents’ Choice Foundation is pleased to announce the Spring 2014 Magazine Awards.

Featuring many perennial favorites, as well as a few new additions, we’re excited to show you the best of what’s available in children’s periodicals.

Have your young ones been bitten by the STEM bug and want to dive into scientific explorations of the world? Ask and Ask en español magazines have all the experiments and scientific findings to keep the curious minds of the 6 to 9’s buzzing. If your “kids gone wild” love to read and learn about the wild, Ranger Rick and its younger brother, Ranger Rick, Jr. are just the calls to heed.

If your family has been inspired by the multitude of tv cooking shows, ChopChop magazine puts healthy kid-friendly cooking and learning at your fingertips. For teachers (homeschool or classroom) who would appreciate recommending fresh, new reading materials to those yearning to learn more, Muse, Odyssey and Faces magazines are all great choices for the 9 to 14 year old set.

Image via BABYBUG en españ


BABYBUG en español and LADYBUG en español are two of the Spanish language magazines to which the Parents’ Choice Awards committee gave its highest recommendation.

Whether shopping for your library at home or at school, these Parents’ Choice Award-winning magazines make a perfect gift.