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Our home movies, grainy, color faded reels of kids scrambling over each other for camera time, are definitely a thing of the past. With so many apps and new kinds of technology, taping recitals, birthdays and holidays is hardly novel. In fact, if we record nearly every facet of our kids’ lives, how do we make it special? How can it be entertaining to anyone other than grandparents?

One dad has a fabulous (if not exactly practical) answer. Matthew Clarke started a web series called Convos With My 2 Year Old.  Sounds kind of cute, right? The caveat is that his real daughter Coco is portrayed by actor David Milchard, grown man. The result is hilarious and brings into clear focus just how entertaining kids can be—especially if you can look at them from a different angle! In the segments, we first see the real Coco and then Milchard, often adorned with Coco’s accessories. From trying to teach a youngster how to make a bed, or conquer her fears of going down a big slide, it is a slice of life like no other. Have you watched Convos? Have you created any fun movies with your family?


My personal favorite: Episode 1 Season 2: Dinner Time


To see more about Matthew and the behind-the-scenes story of his family, see this article as well.