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Comment ça va?

The world is getting smaller—not literally, of course–but technology has brought people closer and has opened up new avenues for communication. Problem is, the United States falls far behind other nations in learning and mastering a second language. Perhaps this stems from a deep rooted sense of independence. We resisted the metric system. It seems we resist other languages as well. Even a bilingual Coca Cola ad during the Super Bowl caused a firestorm.

Yet lots of parents want their kids to have every advantage—including knowing a foreign language. Not only is it often a requirement in school, it is becoming a necessity for work and other prospects. I took French in high school and college, but didn’t keep up with it enough to stay fluent. Now that my daughter is taking French, I have been brushing up on Not only does it work my brain, it lets my daughter be in change when she helps me out. It’s a fun, free way to brush up and has been a help with my daughter’s homework, too.

Is it a problem for parents when kids have language homework and they can’t help? Have you ever thought about learning a language with your kids? What apps or free programs do you use?