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Announcing the Spring 2014 Mobile App Awards!

Has all the memory on your favorite device been eaten up by gobs of games that turn out to be one-hit wonders? Wish you could find a list of apps that help your children learn in a playful and age appropriate manner? The Spring 2014 list of Parents’ Choice Awards for Mobile Apps is here to help.


From music and math lessons, and puzzles to laugh out loud stories, there’s an app for that. Sesame Street teaches preschoolers, and reminds their parents to Breathe, Think, Do – an app designed to help calm down, think through problems and calmly resolve them. (Yes, we do think Congress needs this!)


 ArtRage for iPad offers sophisticated mess-free artist’s tools, Petting Zoo puts a charming, delightfully simple, animated zoo at your fingertips, and Disney Animated delivers an enormous (literally) digital library of the history and techniques of Disney animators, their tools, and the films they made.



Storytelling is here to help – Little Monster At School – Wanderful children’s interactive storybook in English and Spanish, offers wit and wisdom in two languages. And Rom and the Whale of Dreams is magical in three – Chinese, English and Spanish.



To whet your appetite, we invite you to tour the Spring 2014 Parents’ Choice Awards for Mobile Apps. 

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