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The Secret (Inner) Life of Toys

Sculptor Jason Freeney imagines and constructs what the inner workings of much-loved toys could be if they were real. His intricate designs take inspiration from human and animal anatomy, whichever applies most accurately to the toy he’s depicting. In an interview with, he describes how the outer form of the toy guides his interpretation of the toy’s inner anatomy.

For instance, his My Little Pony (humorously referred to as “My Little Boney by one blogger), combines inspiration from actual horse anatomy along with a heaping dose of creativity to fabricate a skull that would fit the pony’s unnaturally large noggin complete with enormous eye socket and tiny teeth.Freeny also discusses how children, including his own, who view his work are intrigued rather than frightened by the realistically painted innards.

Have you ever dreamed of what your toys would be made of if they were real? Have your kids ever tried to perform operations on their favorites to see what’s inside?

Images via Jason Freeny

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