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Time Shift Your TV – The Sound of Music

Carrie Underwood in “The Sound of Music”

The 1965 family classic movie, The Sound of Music, is getting an update this week.

Singer Carrie Underwood will tackle the Maria role that Julie Andrews made famous, and actor Stephen Moyer is going to take Christopher Plummer’s role as Capt. Von Trapp in a new version of the famous story.

What makes this especially interesting is that it’s a live, three-hour performance airing on NBC on Thursday, Dec. 5, at8 p.m. ET, from a sound stage in Long Island, N.Y. That doesn’t happen often. Live television shows these days are usually sporting events, morning news programs, reality singing competitions or award shows, filled with antics from Miley Cyrus and other performers. Producers on this event have said they are trying to create a must-see event for us all to watch together, at once (and tweet about it, of course).

It’s also interesting that this isn’t the Sound of Music film being re-done. It’s the 1959 Broadway musical being re-imagined for television, so it will be slightly different. And, on top of all that, Underwood has never acted before.

Will the country star flub her lines? Will her co-stars hit their marks? Anything can happen when a show is live. That’s the beauty of going to the theater. There’s an energy to the artistry, and there are no second takes, no do-overs. It’s a moment to be captured right then and there, with the singing and acting to be appreciated as it unfolds.

This live Sound of Music is a TV rarity and should well be worth watching, not only for the beloved music and story, but because it will offer the chance of a theater-like performance without paying steep theater ticket prices. And, of course, if you must, you can DVR it and watch it later.