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Parents’ Choice Fall 2013 Small Screen Awards

Fall 2013 Small Screen Awards
Illustration from The Wrong Book

We are excited to announce the Parents’ Choice Foundation’s Fall 2013 Small Screen Awards! This time, we’re celebrating our favorite SoftwareMobile AppsDVDs, Video Games, and Websites.

There are over 40,000 education apps available. We’ve picked out some of the best, including many hidden gems that you won’t find in the top sellers list. Introduce your kids to the revamped Reading Rainbow appor create incredible stop-motion animation sequences with Les Trois Elles’ Easy StudioFind a bunch of great Peep and the Big Wide World apps that nurture little ones’ curiosity with clever problem-solving games. If you’re not sure where to start with our long list of award winning apps, try sorting the winners by age.

Find the full list of Small Screen Award winners, including endlessly replayable DVDs and brilliant online games, in each category below:

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