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See Inside Cricket’s Award Winning Magazines for Children

Regular reading is the best way to avoid the summer slide, and magazines are a great tool for developing a child’s reading habits when required summer reading seems daunting or uninteresting.

Since 1973, the Cricket Magazine Group has published fiction and non-fiction magazines bridging a wide range of content areas. With eighteen magazines in their family of publications, Cricket has titles for children of all ages. Each features acclaimed authors and illustrators for children, and none of their publications include paid advertising.

We are very happy to offer a preview of Cricket Magazine Group’s content for young readers ages 3 to 14. See for yourself what’s inside their award-winning magazine in downloadable PDFs. Use them to help you decide what publication is best for your child, or share these summer-themed articles with your children before going on vacation. If you’re planning to visit an amusement park, for example, learn about the history of the Ferris Wheel or a roller coaster designer’s work. Prepare for a beach trip by reading about sand sculptors and sun-safety. Year round, every curious child (and parent!) can learn something from Cricket’s magazines.

Special Offer: Cricket Magazine Group is offering Parents’ Choice readers a 1-year print subscription for $24.95 (save $9), plus a free digital subscription, for any of their publications. Use the discount code N5011 with your order at Offer available until 10/15.


 Ladybug offers well-written, beautifully illustrated reading material that is nicely adapted for preschool and kindergarten age children. Each issue provides a reliable selection of features, beginning with a story about the various activities that friends Max and Kate do with their parents, and always includes one children’s folk song, one look-and-find picture, one or two longer stories, and several poems. The back page folds out to a cut-out craft activity.

Big Bear and Skinny Rabbit
Two friends enjoy a perfect rest in a hammock. 

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Appleseeds covers non-fiction reading and social studies topics for kids ages 6 to 9. Thematic issues cover everything from cats to extreme sports to the Age of Exploration. Blending content and activities, Appleseeds bridges pop culture with historic figures, sports with pizza, and animals with literature and holidays, Appleseeds’ editors try to give readers of differing interests and abilities an opportunity to learn something in every issue.

A Thrilling Job
Want to know what it’s like to be a roller coaster designer? Find out!
Amazing Sandcastles
Have you ever seen intricate sand sculptures at the beach? Here’s how they’re made. 
Sore Feet and Pink Rattlesnakes
A journey through the Grand Canyon, as told by AppleSeeds writer Dan Risch
Three Rs of Folding Time
Formed across billion years, the Grand Canyon is a perfect place to study changes throughout time.


Cobblestone‘s niche is American history, brought to life for readers ages 9 to 14 through abundant illustrations, photos, fun facts, and well-written text. Recent issues of Cobblestone have focused on Thomas Jefferson, The War of 1812, and 1862: A Year in the Civil War. What’s impressive is that each issue is guest-edited by a historian who is an expert on that issue’s topic.

Ferris’s Grand Idea
Learn about the first Ferris Wheel and its inventor, George Ferris!

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With a global social-science bent, Faces tours 9- to 14-year-old readers around the world with stories and photography depicting the people and cultures in other countries. A single theme dominates most issues. Recent issues, for instance, are dedicated to Vietnam; spirit-world and ghost beliefs in different cultures; and religions.

One Scoop or Two
Learn about gelato, a summertime treat popular in Italy.

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Science lovers know that, when properly handled, scientific topics make for compelling nonfiction packed with creativity and drama. These stories are what Odyssey magazine aims to offer 9- to 14-year-old readers. The concise, well-researched, and cogent pieces in this magazine deliver stranger-than-fiction details and thought-provoking issues that young readers and their parents will appreciate.

Is sun-safety really such a big deal? Yes. Skin cancer, sun screen, and more.


Ben & Jerry’s is using a new tool for chilling their ice cream: soundwaves!

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Special Offer: Cricket Magazine Group is offering Parents’ Choice readers a 1-year print subscription for $24.95 (save $9), plus a free digital subscription, for any of their publications. Use the discount code N5011 with your order at Offer available until 10/15.