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Photo credit: Jeff Carlson.

Our generation’s equivalent to  the  guilt-trip story “I walked to school uphill both ways in a snow storm,” is now, “I remember watching The Wizard of Oz when it came on TV once a year!”

For kids today, even waiting a week–let alone a whole year–for a movie or family entertainment seems like a ludicrous, far-fetched idea. With advances in technology, just about anything you want is on-demand. Fast food, movies, friends via text, Instagram, and even Skype makes far away relations seem close by. These can be wonderful, time-saving, family bonding inventions.  But can they also eat away some of the joy in the anticipation? Is it any  wonder that our kids grapple with learning patience and delayed gratification when just about anything they want is a click away?

Setting reasonable boundaries is a helpful way to keep all of us in line. By placing limits and keeping expectations and actions in check, parents can actually free themselves and their kids from electronic overload. On-demand movies should be saved for movie nights or as planned events such as long car trips.  Making homemade movie snacks is not only healthier, it can broaden the whole movie experience. Better yet, take the experience outside and invite the neighbors.

How to you keep our on-demand world from taking over your life?