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GIVEAWAY: Restock Your Game Closet with 8 Parents’ Choice Award Winners


Games Giveaway

This week, three fans of the Parents’ Choice Foundation and Absolutely Mindy of SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live will win the game prize package shown above.

Enter below by Thursday afternoon for a chance to win eight Parents’ Choice Award winning games, including ThinkFun’s Hello Sunshine! for toddlers and Blue Orange’s silly memory game Ooga Booga!

Entries will be accepted until 5pm EST on Thursday, June 20th. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 21st. Email addresses are collected solely for the purpose of contacting winners. Only United States residents may enter, please. Prizes provided by Parents’ Choice Award winning companies. For more details about the Parents’ Choice Awards program, including information about how winners are evaluated and chosen, please visit our website.

Best of luck to those who enter, and thanks to the companies who have made this giveaway possible! Because of them, each winner will receive the following:

Hello Sunshine

A plush sun with a sweet smiley face that contains a deck of doubled-sided cards. Draw cards and hide Sunshine for a fun game to play with toddlers.

SET Junior

SET Junior, a spin on the familiar version of SET, is a challenging board game for children ages 3 and up in which players must look at cards with different color items, shapes of items and number of items and determine if three cards make up a set.

Shelby’s Snack Shack

Shelby’s Snack Shack is a board game that teaches preschoolers numbers and counting, through the collection of bones each player retrieves after using a spinner spinning and picking that number of bones from the “beach” board.

Dreaming Dragon

The object of Dreaming Dragon is to remove as many plastic lizards as you can without causing any dragon eggs to fall off the dragon. The lizards and dragon eggs sit on top of a large plastic sleeping dragon.


Katatu is a modern version of an ancient Roman game that traveled to Egypt and then throughout the rest of Africa, where it is still played today as a way to teach children strategy and fair game play.

Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga is a lively and silly memory game. Players take turns reciting a sequence of nonsense syllables and emphatic actions that grows as each player reveals a new card.

What’s It?

What’s It is a guessing game in which players team up and play against a character called The Doodler, instead of each other. One player rolls a die to select the category, such as “You wear it” or “You use it.” Then a Doodle card is flipped over and all players write down what they guess the doodle might be, according to the category.


The concept of Ambiguity is simple—roll eight letter die, set the timer, jot down as many words as players can make out of the letters—but mastering the game isn’t easy. The letter dice are designed, as the game’s title suggests, to be confusing. Many of the die faces represent more than one letter, and it’s not immediately obvious what they are.