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Time Shift Your TV – Oscar-Nominated Animated Feature Films


At Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, only one movie was deemed the winner in each category. Even so, all five movies nominated in the Animated Feature Films category offer fine, fun family viewing.

All are rated PG, all are available On Demand on TV, and all are well worth watching. Kids will likely find all of them appealing and should be able to glean a good message from each.

Here are brief descriptions:

Brave, last night’s winner, is the story of a high-spirited Scottish princess named Merida, who is faced with a marriage she doesn’t want. There are weapons and fighting, but ultimate the story is about family and relationships.

Frankenweenie focuses on a science whiz kid whose dog, Sparky, dies in an accident, prompting imaginative and creative young Victor to see if he can reanimate his pet.

ParaNorman is the story of smart, lonely Norman Babcock, a boy who can see and communicate with the dead. This one might be best for the older, tween kids. Little ones could find it a bit too scary.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits is the tale of a band of buccaneers, science (Charles Darwin is in the film) and loyalty. It’s a fun romp to be enjoyed by young kids as well as older ones.

In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph is a video game character who leaves his game, determined to become a hero.