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Message of Love

It doesn’t get any sweeter than Valentine’s Day–and I’m not talking about chocolates and candy. The real treats on Valentine’s Day are the messages of love and friendship crammed into crepe paper-covered shoe boxes. I remember as a kid pouring over my valentines with as much excitement as going through Halloween candy. It’s still a great day for kids, but if we let ourselves fall prey to marketing gimmicks and high expectations, it can ramp up the drama quickly. How does your family keep the message simple and the day drama-free? Do you purchase fancy cards or make you own?  Candy or no candy? In our house, if you are allowed to hand out valentines at school, the rule is everyone in the class is included. At home, we tend to stay away from candy and go for time together and a special game or event. Thoughtfulness counts, and small tokens of appreciation are fine for special friends as the kids get older. Expectations should be measured and gifts inexpensive. Above all, try to remind the people you love how you feel more than just once a year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!