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Parents’ Choice 2013 Magazine Award Winners

Magazine Awards

Announcing our 2013 Parents’ Choice Magazine Award winners! Children’s magazines should not be underestimated. No longer just available for waiting room visits, children’s magazine subscriptions deliver well designed bite-sized learning treasures. They also make fantastic gifts that continue to give year round.

Share a monthly mailbox treat with your child. “For girls with style and substance,” consider Kiki, which delivers a positive message to girls by “highlight[ing] brains, hard work, ingenuity and innovation.”  For early independent readers, Spider is a smart collection of stories paired with beautiful illustrations and engaging activities. Encourage health with ChopChops tasty recipes and useful information. Magazines have always been a great way to develop a child’s interest in wildlife. Young ones will love the interesting facts and beautiful photos in National Geographic Little Kids, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick, and Ranger Rick Jr. 

These are only a few of this year’s magazine award winners. Go ahead and explore them! Sort them by age and price and find (at least!) one that’s perfect for your family.