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GIVEAWAY: OwlKids’ My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinsel and Other Crazy Creative Coloring Books

My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinsel Nothing beats a good coloring book. No matter how many drawing apps there are, good, old-fashioned crayon and paper coloring books will always have a place in the playroom. Coloring books have kept up with the times, too. Just look at Owlkids’ hilarious and entirely original series, My Beastly Books. Two of the books have won Parents’ Choice Awards for their riotous mix of coloring pages, puzzles, and creative thinking exercises.  For example, in My Beastly Book of Twisted Taleswhen confronted with an angry ogre, kids are told matter-of-factly to “Put your foot on the page and trace it over the ogre’s bum.” The cheeky humor will appeal to parents as much as it will to kids. In My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroeschildren are challenged to “Imagine what a villain made of lasagna looks like.” Logically, the book then asks, “What is its name?”

The latest edition to the series, My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinsel, is a festive treat. The book asks children to draw a new outfit for Santa and decorate a Christmas palm tree. Another page, a petition to make every day Christmas, is meant to be cut out and shared. Twisted Tinsel even contains a little snow fight; there are instructions to cut one page into strips, crumple each strip into a ball, and pretend that they are real snow. All together, the book contains 140 activities and coloring pages that children will love completing during car rides, family trips, and school vacations.

Thanks to Owlkids, we are excited to be giving away three books from the My Beastly Book series: My Beastly Book of Twisted Tales, My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroes, and My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinsel. Enter the giveaway below by 3:00pm EST tomorrow, December 5th, then scroll down for sample pages from the book!


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