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Stuck Inside? Entertaining Your Family During Hurricane Sandy

When do the rainbows get here?
Todd Baker via Compfight

Stuck inside with your kids during Hurricane Sandy? If you still have not found enough crafts and recipes to keep you entertained on Pinterest, then Parents’ Choice has plenty of resources for indoor activities that can be easily completed with materials you are likely to have around the house. If you have lost electricity already, note that most of these can be done without it!


All you will need to make your own puppets and plan a puppet show. If you are low on lights and materials, shadow puppets are always fun to make and use.

Indoor Olympics

Even though the next Olympic Games are not until 2014, you can still hold your own indoor Olympic games!

Kitchen Concerto

Consider your kitchen supplies as instruments for the day. Compose songs made out of sounds from pots, pans, glasses, and cabinets.

What’s Write for the Family

Rainy days are a good time for journaling and writing family experiences. Tips for getting kids excited about writing, and ideas for different forms of writing to try out.

You Can Become a Storyteller

Practice oral storytelling. Of course October lends itself to ghost stories, but encourage your children to share funny stories they’ve read, school experiences, or exciting vacation memories. Bonus points if you tell stories inside of a homemade fort!

Carving Out a Lesson Plan

Did you take your Halloween pumpkins inside before the storm hit? Now is a better time than ever to carve them into Jack O’Lanterns.

Read, Read, Read!

Finally, stormy days inside are perfect for curling up with a good book. If your children aren’t avid readers, here are some Tips for Teaching Kids to Enjoy Reading.