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Graduation Gifts

It’s that time of year when weekends are booked with graduation parties, be it high school, college or even kindergarten. It’s a wonderful occasion to celebrate—a big milestone that deserves special attention. For a guest, however, it creates a gift- giving conundrum. Sure, cash or a savings bond is always a safe bet, but if you have more than one grad to honor, it can be tough on the budget. Now is a good time to think back to your own graduation and remember what you received that was particularly helpful or inspirational. For me, besides a wonderful get together with family and friends, it was a selection of classic albums from my sister that instantly made me the coolest coed on my floor. A close second was a copy of the inspirational Richard Bach novel “Illusions” from a friend. “Oh the Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss is pretty much a standard for younger kids. The seniors on our swim team get a giant laundry bag with our team logo emblazoned on it. What are some of your go-to graduation gift ideas?

Here’s a selection of ideas found online:

* Jumper cables/Road side emergency kit

* Tool kit

* Dorm food kit (hot pot, food cards, bulk food)

* Laundry bag/basket and supplies (including quarters)

* Address book filled with friend’s addresses and phone numbers

* Phone card

* Set of sheets and or towels