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Making New Connections Between Construction Toys

the messes we make
CC Photo Credit: Abbey Hendrickson via Compfight

Most of us have at least one set of LEGOs at home. But that’s not the only construction toy around. You may also have Lincoln Logs, K’NEX pieces, Duplo Blocks, Krinkles, Tinkertoys, and other sets that, try as you will, simply won’t fit together. Or will they?

Enter The Free Universal Construction Kit*, designed by the Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab and Sy-Lab. Designed to unleash construction kit combinatorial powers that previously existed only in children’s dreams, the Kit offers  free instructions for 3D printing pieces that link all sorts of blocks, bricks, and sticks!

*While the video below is child-appropriate, some of the language  on the F.A.T. site is not.

Of course, not every family has a 3D printer sitting on their kitchen counter. If you’d like your own set of universal connector blocks, download the files for printing them at Thingiverse, and then have them printed using a service like Ponoko.

Combining different construction sets using Universal Connectors