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Imagination’s Playground: Maker Faire’s Celebration of DIY Creations

A life-size recreation of the Mouse Trap board game.  A tech-enhanced fashion show. Human-powered carnival rides. A music show driven by lightning.  All of these amazing creations appeared at last year’s Maker Faire in New York.

Maker Faire is a two-day demonstration of imagination put to work, the key event of a national resurgence in making, crafting, designing, and building by amateurs and professionals. For children, the Faire offers a setting to wonder and wander amid contraptions that look straight from the pages of a science fiction or Dr. Seuss book.

While the next one isn’t until September 17th and 18th in New York City, the Faire’s organizers encourage communities to make their own Maker Faire. You could even hold a micro-sized Maker’s Faire in your neighborhood.  Solicit submissions and have children and their families exhibit the things they’re proud to have made!

Watch videos of previous Maker Faire events and use those as inspiration to craft, engineer, design, and build something entirely new at home. Or, look to books and other media for inspiration. A Rube Goldberg machine might be a great way to start. See Lights Out or The Wrong Trousers for inspiration.

Lights Out by Arthur Geisert
Lights Out by Arthur Geisert