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About the Author: Grace Lin

Great children’s authors, illustrators, and musicians put a wealth of thought and experience into their work.  In the weeks to

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For Grace Lin, a 2009 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner, success did not come easy.  Before publishing her first book, the RISD graduate was a “really, really miserable” employee at a giftware company known for its t-shirts and mugs stamped with corny phrases like  “World’s Best Dad” and “Did Any One Tell You Today That You’re Terrific?” .  When laid off from this job, Lin found new motivation to dive into the publishing world in search of success and recognition.

In Parents’ Choice Silver Award-winning site Reading Rockets‘ interview with Lin, the author and illustrator describes her hard work toward a creative career and the effect her Chinese background had on her later writings.  It’s an inspiring video that will appeal to new and experienced readers alike.  Stick to its end to hear Lin read a passage from “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”, her Parents’ Choice Award winning novel.