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How Will the Apple Tablet Change Our Kids’ Lives?

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

People are all abuzz about Apple’s new iPad – what will it mean for you and your kids? One parent shares their thoughts:

There has been much speculation about what Apple will be announcing today. Will it be a glorified book reader? An iPod Touch/iPhone on steroids? We will find out very quickly here, and then we can all envision how we could use the device. Will it help you at work? Will it be the perfect commuting partner? Will you use it as the mother of all television remotes? Consider this, though. How will it affect our children? How will they use the tablet?, How Will the Apple Tablet Change Our Kids’ Lives?, Jan 2010

Parents’ Choice to Evaluate Mobile Apps for Children

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

It’s no secret that applications (“apps”) for mobile phones have become a mainstream source of play, learning, resource, and assistance. Pose a question about where to find the best independent toy store, recipe for homemade meatloaf or the definition of a word and you’re bound to hear “there’s an app for that.”

Whether designed to take advantage of every waking teachable moment, or created to postpone an impending meltdown, parents created the “pass back” phenomenon, handing over their cherished mobile devices loaded with child-friendly applications to the youngest back seat drivers. But with tens of thousands of apps for kids – on the iTunes store alone – how are parents managing their children’s appetites for mobile content?